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Advantages of Powder Coating vs Wet Paint

Wet painting is a traditional treatment method by which a pigment in any water-based or solvent-based paint is sprayed onto the surface of a part. Common applications of wet paint include automotive exteriors and extremely large or heavy items. When superior performance is required, powder coating as a finishing process can replace traditional wet painting. Many concerns or issues associated with wet-paint finishing are eliminated or minimized with the powder-coating process. The advantages of powder… Read more

3 Benefits of Safety Fencing Systems

Machine safety in manufacturing is of the utmost importance. While there are many options for safety components, procedures, and standards that can be implemented, safety fencing systems are a relatively simple solution to maximize protection for your employees. Not only do these systems create a safer work environment for equipment operators and employees on the floor, but they also provide a number of big-picture business benefits. Protect Employees and Equipment Safety fencing systems put a… Read more

Will Robots Replace Humans?

The concern for machines to replace humans, taking their jobs and making them functionally obsolete, is nothing new. Workers have worried about it for centuries, starting with the Industrial Revolution and the rise of inventions like the sawmill and the spinning jenny. Advocates for workers would argue innovative machines like these were invented solely to replace jobs previously done by humans – and there is some accuracy to these claims. The spinning jenny, for instance,… Read more

3 Qualities of an Ideal Automation Partner

Automated systems address a full range of production problems, from correcting small difficulties in the process to enhancing productivity in an existing system in order to shorten timeframes. When looking for a partner to design, manufacture, and install automation equipment, choosing the best automator is not a decision to take lightly. Building an efficient automation system requires expert proficiency in engineering, machining, fabrication, finishing, and more. Whether you need to create a new system from… Read more

Customer Highlight: Advanced Custom Coating Machines

Meeting All Design and Fabrication Challenges At Arnold Machine, we have been providing our customers with full-service custom design and manufacturing for over 20 years. We fulfill virtually any customer specification, offering in-house design, machining, manufacturing, assembly, and delivery. Our clientele trusts us to meet their requirements and provide ongoing support after each project is completed. This is well illustrated in a recent project with a customer. A Cutting Edge Request Our custom index spray… Read more

Custom Automation Systems: How to Increase Efficiency and Lower Production Costs

Benefits of Customized Automation “Automation” and “customization” are often scary words to manufacturers, especially when they’re mentioned in reference to their equipment — the terms conjure images of factories stuck in downtime and weighed down with hefty bills. The fact is, however, that not updating your facilities with automation equipment and custom machinery could be hurting your business. Updating your existing machinery with custom automation will yield a number of benefits, ultimately leading to lower… Read more

Could Your Manufacturing Floor Be Safer?

Shop floor safety should be of the utmost importance for site supervisors across manufacturing industries. The proximity to heavy machinery on the floor, poor ergonomics from repetitive action, and worker fatigue from long hours are all factors that can increase the risk of machine-related accidents and debris thrown during mechanical malfunction. In 2014, the U.S. Department of Labor reported 23 total fatalities for the year, as well as 3.8 injuries per 100 workers in the… Read more

The Use of Robotics in Real World Automation Systems

The robot has come a long way since the days of performing spot welds on the automotive assembly line. Its early success led manufacturers to wonder how robotics automation could improve other product lines. Today, we find robots performing a variety of tasks including picking, packaging and assembly, creating benefits for everyone including workers. Certainly, companies incorporating robotics into a manufacturing process benefit on many levels that all lead to savings and a healthier bottom… Read more

The “Green” Factor, Safety, and Compliance with Automated Spray Systems

Compliance codes and safety affect all automated spray systems. Solvents are generally one of the most easily overlooked hazards in manufacturing and production. These chemicals—such as Benzene and Xylene, Toluene and Methyl Ethyl Ketone —are dissolved and mixed with oils, varnishes, resins, and inks. They are used for a wide range of applications, particularly when removing paint or adding varnish, lacquers, or any other finish. Potentially Harmful Chemicals For human beings, solvents can be especially… Read more

Maximizing ROI with an Automation Professional

When choosing a solution to manufacture a product, one must analyze the Return on Investment (ROI) of the equipment purchases and system resources. One critical way in which manufacturing is modernizing is through the adoption of automation technologies. Automation reduces labor costs, by freeing up repetitive manual functions with an automated controller, and improves process stability, increasing machine uptime and reducing the risks of a flawed product. These qualities, as well as the flexibility that… Read more