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The Optimistic State of Manufacturing in Ohio

After suffering through a decade of brutal cutbacks, manufacturers in Ohio may finally have something to celebrate. According to recent reports, manufacturing in the Buckeye State is on an upward trend and has been growing for the past three years with the addition of about 55,000 jobs. In a state where manufacturing contributes almost 17% of its Gross Domestic Product, that’s certainly encouraging news. While Ohio has a long way to go in order to… Read more

Black Oxide 101

Black oxide can help you increase the durability, aesthetic appearance and functionality of your metal part. A cost-effective and efficient option for many applications, a black oxide finish is achieved by dipping a part into tanks of a blackening compound and sealing it with oil. Some manufacturers, such as those in the automotive and architectural industry, choose black oxide for its compelling, dark color. Others opt for black oxide for its more practical benefits, such… Read more