Could Your Manufacturing Floor Be Safer?

Shop floor safety should be of the utmost importance for site supervisors across manufacturing industries. The proximity to heavy machinery on the floor, poor ergonomics from repetitive action, and worker fatigue from long hours are all factors that can increase the risk of machine-related accidents and debris thrown during mechanical malfunction.


In 2014, the U.S. Department of Labor reported 23 total fatalities for the year, as well as 3.8 injuries per 100 workers in the manufacturing workplace.

This statistic has remained stable for the past few years, indicating a need for enhanced worker safety. When manufacturing employees perform repetitive actions for 40-hour weeks, with the addition of overtime, it’s easy to see how accidents can happen.

One solution for upgrading the safety environment of your workplace is to add a manufacturing fencing system. Fencing systems can prevent workers from entering high-risk areas or being struck by flying debris.

In addition to creating physical barriers to protect workers from danger, manufacturing fencing systems include smart technology features to optimize safety.

The Quick-Guard Fencing System, a turnkey manufacturing safety fencing from Arnold Machine, offers enhanced safety features such as:

  • Magnetic locks to seal doors during production
  • Smart sensors to monitor doorways
  • Emergency stop buttons to immediately halt machinery
  • Focus light curtains to enhance worker protection when entering a high-risk area
  • Mixed-material fencing to reduce noise from machinery
  • Easy installation and modification to adjust to the needs of any workspace

Manufacturing fencing systems can isolate different steps within production or be integrated throughout the entire production line.

By incorporating smart systems to increase workplace safety, workplace productivity will naturally improve as well. Workers can focus on their jobs, and businesses save money that would have been lost on halted production or machine repairs.

At Arnold Machine, we offer the Quick-Guard fencing system through an advanced integrated seller model. The advanced design, quick installation, and easy modification of our fencing system make it a cost-effective solution that fits your exact needs. To learn more about ABB Quick-Guard fence systems, please visit the product page or contact Arnold Machine today.