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Will Robots Replace Humans?

The concern for machines to replace humans, taking their jobs and making them functionally obsolete, is nothing new. Workers have worried about it for centuries, starting with the Industrial Revolution and the rise of inventions like the sawmill and the spinning jenny. Advocates for workers would argue innovative machines like these were invented solely to replace jobs previously done by humans – and there is some accuracy to these claims. The spinning jenny, for instance,… Read more

3 Qualities of an Ideal Automation Partner

Automated systems address a full range of production problems, from correcting small difficulties in the process to enhancing productivity in an existing system in order to shorten timeframes. When looking for a partner to design, manufacture, and install automation equipment, choosing the best automator is not a decision to take lightly. Building an efficient automation system requires expert proficiency in engineering, machining, fabrication, finishing, and more. Whether you need to create a new system from… Read more

Custom Automation Systems: How to Increase Efficiency and Lower Production Costs

Benefits of Customized Automation “Automation” and “customization” are often scary words to manufacturers, especially when they’re mentioned in reference to their equipment — the terms conjure images of factories stuck in downtime and weighed down with hefty bills. The fact is, however, that not updating your facilities with automation equipment and custom machinery could be hurting your business. Updating your existing machinery with custom automation will yield a number of benefits, ultimately leading to lower… Read more