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Customer Highlight: Advanced Custom Coating Machines

Meeting All Design and Fabrication Challenges At Arnold Machine, we have been providing our customers with full-service custom design and manufacturing for over 20 years. We fulfill virtually any customer specification, offering in-house design, machining, manufacturing, assembly, and delivery. Our clientele trusts us to meet their requirements and provide ongoing support after each project is completed. This is well illustrated in a recent project with a customer. A Cutting Edge Request Our custom index spray… Read more

Custom Automation Systems: How to Increase Efficiency and Lower Production Costs

Benefits of Customized Automation “Automation” and “customization” are often scary words to manufacturers, especially when they’re mentioned in reference to their equipment — the terms conjure images of factories stuck in downtime and weighed down with hefty bills. The fact is, however, that not updating your facilities with automation equipment and custom machinery could be hurting your business. Updating your existing machinery with custom automation will yield a number of benefits, ultimately leading to lower… Read more

Could Your Manufacturing Floor Be Safer?

Shop floor safety should be of the utmost importance for site supervisors across manufacturing industries. The proximity to heavy machinery on the floor, poor ergonomics from repetitive action, and worker fatigue from long hours are all factors that can increase the risk of machine-related accidents and debris thrown during mechanical malfunction. In 2014, the U.S. Department of Labor reported 23 total fatalities for the year, as well as 3.8 injuries per 100 workers in the… Read more

Slide Show: Top 10 Manufacturing Stories of the Year (so far)

Much has been made of the so-called Manufacturing Renaissance taking place in the United States recently. Seemingly every day another American success story makes it into the media spotlight when it comes to the manufacturing sector. From re-shoring supply chains to productivity gains, American industries have burst back into the national consciousness as not seen in ages. Here’s a sampling of some of the more dramatic highlights in the manufacturing turnaround that have occurred so… Read more

Saving Money with “Design for Manufacturing”

Today, technological and cultural changes in manufacturing are trimming the lines between all steps in the product development lifecycle, leading to leaner, greener, more competitive, and more profitable production methods. One of these changes in perspective goes by the name Design for Manufacturing (DFM), which promises to simplify the production process by emphasizing the importance of pre-production planning, especially in the product design phase. DFM describes the process of designing or engineering a product so… Read more

Understanding the Importance of Quality Control

To ensure that manufactured items meet standards, shops follow Quality Control (QC) procedures. For precision manufacturing the QC process is a crucial step in providing customers with the highest quality products. At Arnold Machine, we fully understand the importance of QC procedures. We utilize a variety of methods throughout the design and manufacturing process to make sure all components are accurate and precise. To do this we use two types of methods: finite element analysis… Read more