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5 Tips on Material Selection for a CNC Machined Component

Modern CNC Machining allows for high precision, high speed production of specialty parts for nearly any use or application. A very flexible approach to manufacturing, it can cut and form hundreds of different metallic and polymer materials without sacrificing design complexity. Most importantly, CNC Machining allows for amazingly tight tolerances on part dimensions, a characteristic that sets it apart from other manufacturing approaches. If you’re considering a CNC Machining you will be no doubt satisfied by… Read more

How CNC Machining Maximizes Productivity

Computer numerical control (CNC) machining is rapidly becoming the preferred method of producing machined parts in today’s workplace. By computerizing and automating the functions of many basic production tools (such as lathes, drills, cutters, etc.), manufacturers are able to take advantage of savings in time and costs of labor and materials, which can be passed along to their customers. How does this modern miracle perform its wizardry? Let’s review some of the more important details…. Read more

The Devil is in the Details—The Significance of Tight Tolerances

If you have ever tried to build anything or put parts together (think way back to those model making days of your youth) you’ll remember a time when it just didn’t work. The parts wouldn’t go together no matter how hard you tried. Eventually, you either gave up or just made the parts fit. In manufacturing, we can’t take a chance that the parts won’t fit. That is unacceptable to the parts maker and the… Read more