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How Concurrent Engineering Saves Cost in Manufacturing

When designing new components or products, cost is always a driving factor. To save manufacturing costs, concurrent engineering, wherein the design and manufacturing team works together during the development phase, can be used. Rather than making the design and subsequent manufacturing processes discrete operations, in concurrent engineering, parts are designed with manufacturing in mind. If a set process is planned for production of a part, the part can be optimized based on those parameters. If… Read more

Manufacturing Cost Reductions: 6 Actions to Avoid

For the procurement, sourcing, and purchasing specialists, cost reduction is a way of life. While there are several reliable ways to reduce overall costs, there are just as many decisions that may initially seem promising, but ultimately lead to an increase in cost. To prevent production delays and unexpected costs, the following recommendations are seven things not to do when reducing costs. #1 – Don’t Choose the Lowest Quote First, do not automatically choose the… Read more

How to Decrease Cost and Increase Quality in Part Design

The ability to decrease the costs of manufacturing while increasing the quality of a part might seem to be contradictory goals. However, by following a few simple techniques in today’s manufacturing environment, these goals are brought closer together. It is important to examine three decision making phases prior to the removal of any material. These phases are Evaluation, Selection and Implementation. Evaluation: Evaluation is the examination of the designs and drawings of parts prior to… Read more

Leading Cost Estimating Methods for Machining

Manufacturing firms need to have an accurate estimate of product design and development costs. This is especially important these days because the shorter lifespan of products accentuates the importance of design and development stages. There are two main cost estimation algorithms: feature-based cost estimation and parametric cost estimation. Feature-Based Cost Estimation The estimation algorithm that most closely follows the machining processes used to manufacture a part will be feature-based cost estimation. Manufacturing cost is determined… Read more