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Manufacturing Cost Reductions: 6 Actions to Avoid

For the procurement, sourcing, and purchasing specialists, cost reduction is a way of life. While there are several reliable ways to reduce overall costs, there are just as many decisions that may initially seem promising, but ultimately lead to an increase in cost. To prevent production delays and unexpected costs, the following recommendations are seven things not to do when reducing costs. #1 – Don’t Choose the Lowest Quote First, do not automatically choose the… Read more

Understanding the Importance of Quality Control

To ensure that manufactured items meet standards, shops follow Quality Control (QC) procedures. For precision manufacturing the QC process is a crucial step in providing customers with the highest quality products. At Arnold Machine, we fully understand the importance of QC procedures. We utilize a variety of methods throughout the design and manufacturing process to make sure all components are accurate and precise. To do this we use two types of methods: finite element analysis… Read more