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Customer Highlight: Advanced Custom Coating Machines

Meeting All Design and Fabrication Challenges At Arnold Machine, we have been providing our customers with full-service custom design and manufacturing for over 20 years. We fulfill virtually any customer specification, offering in-house design, machining, manufacturing, assembly, and delivery. Our clientele trusts us to meet their requirements and provide ongoing support after each project is completed. This is well illustrated in a recent project with a customer. A Cutting Edge Request Our custom index spray… Read more

The “Green” Factor, Safety, and Compliance with Automated Spray Systems

Compliance codes and safety affect all automated spray systems. Solvents are generally one of the most easily overlooked hazards in manufacturing and production. These chemicals—such as Benzene and Xylene, Toluene and Methyl Ethyl Ketone —are dissolved and mixed with oils, varnishes, resins, and inks. They are used for a wide range of applications, particularly when removing paint or adding varnish, lacquers, or any other finish. Potentially Harmful Chemicals For human beings, solvents can be especially… Read more

Realizing Potential Savings with Spray Automation Equipment

As a plant manager or engineer, cost is almost always near the top—if not on top—of your list of considerations. Whether preserving it or achieving it, cost efficiency is one of the highest priorities for a business. Cost savings can be achieved in some of the least expected processes and sources across the business, sometimes by making only a few tweaks. Spray systems are one such relatively unexpected source of cost savings. Spray systems have… Read more