Machine safety in manufacturing is of the utmost importance. While there are many options for safety components, procedures, and standards that can be implemented, safety fencing systems are a relatively simple solution to maximize protection for your employees.

Not only do these systems create a safer work environment for equipment operators and employees on the floor, but they also provide a number of big-picture business benefits.

Protect Employees and Equipment

Safety fencing systems put a physical barrier between equipment operators and potentially dangerous machines. They protect against catastrophic accidents that could injure — or even kill — equipment operators and other staff members working on the floor or on surrounding machines.

Accidents are not only tragic but expensive in a number of ways; they can cost millions of dollars in lawsuits and OSHA fines, as well as thousands more as a result of lost time and production. In addition to increasing employee safety in your facility and eliminating these expenses, safety systems will minimize the wear and tear on equipment, therefore optimizing operation and extending service life.

Maintain Peak Production

When employee safety demands are met, the company as a whole can work more effectively. Implementing safety fences in your facility gives employees peace of mind knowing they are protected from hazards. As a result, they will operate machines more efficiently. By minimizing safety risks, disruptions in the workspace, and machine downtime, safety systems help the entire production process run at optimum capacity.

Increase Your Bottom Line

Increased safety naturally leads to peak production, which in turn increases your bottom line. Not only do safety systems keep fines and lawsuits at bay, but they also cut costs by protecting your equipment, allowing for uninterrupted production, minimizing maintenance expenses, and extending overall service life. Each of these small enhancements contribute to long-term growth for your business.

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Arnold Machine, Inc. offers custom-designed, easy-to-install fencing systems that protect employees and other assets. Safety fencing systems optimize production by providing peace of mind to operators who know they are protected from hazards.

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