Reliable equipment depends on open communication

Arnold Machine’s experience working within different industries has taught us that quality equipment results from a strong relationship with our clients. Our team understands that clients face unique challenges that require innovative solutions, which is why we develop precise specs to manufacture efficient systems.

Partnerships themselves are not innovative, but a
partnership with us results in innovation

Develop partnerships based on trust.

Understand a client’s needs by identifying pain points.

Customize user-friendly products.

Establish an open line of communication.

Follow up with post-project support.

Our Process

Our team is regularly in communication with clients to update them on where their product is during each step of the design, manufacturing and assembly phases.

Process engineering

Arnold Machine’s team jumpstarts the design process with comprehensive planning and research, which includes asking questions about production requirements, input materials, current processes and location. After the information is consolidated, mechanical design commences; control design is integrated after the mechanical parameters are refined.

Our mechanical and control engineers combine Computer Aided Design (CAD), simulation software, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software, fluid dynamic software, electrical design software and control programming software to create finished designs.

External reviews with clients and internal reviews with our team (i.e., engineering, production and sales teams) are held during initial development to confirm design. The build phase only commences when a client signs an approval.

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Custom automation systems

Arnold Machine handles all production requirements from prototyping to the final manufacturing of a finished product. Our general capabilities include:

  • CAM programming
  • CNC laser cutting and forming
  • CNC machining
  • Controls programming
  • Machine assembly, wiring and plumbing
  • Welding

Once designs are approved, our production team begins manufacturing the custom components and purchasing the commercially available ones. Once the components are assembled, an internal run-off is conducted with our production, engineering and sales teams for quality assurance. Clients are then invited for a final run-off and validation as well as for operation and maintenance training.

Arnold Machine’s team has experience engineering a wide variety of automation equipment, including:

Process integration services

Depending on the size of the project and client requests, we will either ship equipment directly to clients for integration and startup or our mechanical technicians will be sent onsite. The assigned controls engineer will make a site visit after integration to aid with startup and / or to train operators.

Clients are sent all final documentation, including:

  • A maintenance manual
  • A complete bill of used materials
  • Detailed assembly drawings of each component
  • Electrical and fluid power schematics

Our integration service is customized to match your precise requirements and we even offer follow-up services to ensure that the equipment is performing optimally.