Arnold Machine, Inc. has a 20-plus-year track record of delivering game-changing anti-vibration component assembly systems for automotive and heavy equipment manufacturers across North America. Designed and built in Tiffin, Ohio, these advanced automated solutions enable more consistent, more efficient manufacturing to meet any facility’s strict cycle time requirements.

Custom anti-vibration part assembly solutions

AMI engineers leverage their understanding of rubber-to-metal bonded parts to design, build and install anti-vibration component assembly equipment for a wide variety of parts including:

  • Solid rubber engine & transmission mounts
  • Hydraulic engine & transmission mounts
  • Exhaust mounts
  • Sub-frame mounts
  • Differential mounts
  • Solid rubber suspension bushings
  • Fluid-filled suspension bushings
  • Strut mounts
  • Cab mounts
  • Process automation expertise

Process automation expertise

As a member the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork and a FANUC America Authorized System Integrator, AMI is experienced in automating a wide range of key manufacturing and quality control processes.

Sizing and gauging

  • Swaging a part and verifying diameter through contact or non-contact sensing.

Inserting to depth or force

  • Utilizing a hydraulic or electro-mechanical press to perform an assembly operation while monitoring press-in depth and force.

Torque or deflection testing

Fastener or rivet installation

  • Part sealing or insertion of a bolt or stud to a specific depth with torque, rotation, and depth measured.

Inspection and marking

  • Dimensional inspection with contact or non-contact sensing
  • Dimensional and component presence vision inspection
  • Part presence inspection with simple poke-yoke

For lower-volume processes requiring only one or two operators, we offer 100% custom-engineered systems precisely tailored to your facility and operational requirements.

In high-volume applications traditionally requiring more than two or three operators, the AMI Flexible Automation platform is the ideal solution to reduce error, boost consistency and meet throughput requirements at mass scale.

Learn more about AMI Flexible Automation here.

Anti-vibration part assembly success stories

Dry-fill hydraulic mount assembly

A major North American Tier 1 supplier of anti-vibration components approached Arnold Machine with designs and specs for a new type of mount for which no assembly equipment had yet been engineered.

The complex design of the mounts required the creation of custom tooling to complete hot air cold staking of the mount interiors prior to assembly. The five-step assembly process is completed by just a single machine featuring one-stop, two-step swaging and sealing prior to filling.

Our engineers developed a novel three-way valve that enabled air evacuation and fluid filling within the same cycle. Cycle time is 45 seconds from start to finish.

This system is discussed in more detail in this case study.

Under-fluid hydraulic mount assembly

In this case, another major North American anti-vibration mount supplier needed to replace an outdated manual assembly process that caused inconsistent cycle times and too much scrap.

Our engineers developed an automated system that evacuates air from inside the mounts, fills the mounts with fluid and then seals them all while submerged in a tank of glycol. In addition to stabilizing the customer’s production cycle times, the new system also dramatically improved operator safety.

The result: The manufacturer has become a preferred mount supplier and has ordered identical assembly systems from AMI over and over since the first was delivered in 2002.

Learn more in this case study.

Start a problem-solving partnership

Anti-vibration mount assembly operations must be faster and more reliable than ever before.

For manufacturers to stay profitable, their equipment must be smarter and more resilient.

That means the right equipment provider must be equal parts cartographer and guide, a combination the engineers at Arnold Machine have mastered since 1994.

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