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Arnold Machine, Inc manufactures FMT industrial parts washers designed to exceed your most demanding challenges. With over 30 years of process and industrial parts cleaning know-how, our experience and advanced manufacturing capabilities allow us to deliver robust systems for virtually any industrial parts cleaning application.

The FMT line of advanced industrial parts washers, including the industry-leading Gladiator series, are manufactured to meet the exacting cleanliness requirements of countless parts and industrial applications.

Custom washers for any industrial application

We offer six categories of washers that cover the different systems in your lineup. All washing platforms offer multiple options and are customizable to meet your requirements.


Rotary tableBest suited for low-volume parts production, batch cleaning, and for cleaning parts with variable sizes and geometries.

Typical Sizes: 24″ – 72” in diameter and part heights up to 120”.



Rotary basket – Designed to accommodate a wide variety of part sizes and geometries using standard baskets or custom parts fixtures. Best suited for batch, precision and ultrasonic cleaning.

Typical capacities: 2, 4, 6 and 8 basket.



Rotary drum – Best suited for high-volume production and continuous in-line cleaning of small parts.

Typical sizes: 24” – 72” diameter.



Pass through/conveyor – Best suited for high-volume production or in-line cleaning applications and can be engineered for direct integration into your existing production lines.

Typical sizes: 8” – 72” conveyor widths with multiple transport options.



Immersion washers – Best suited for high-volume production and in-line precision and ultrasonic cleaning.

Typical sizes: Baskets or fixtures from 1 – 20 cubic feet in size and up to 600 pounds.



Specialty washers – We can custom-build machines to your clean specification and challenging part geometries the others won’t.

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