Clients typically approach Arnold Machine for a material handling system when they need to join multiple stations within their process together to transfer a piece of equipment from one station to the next. Our material handling systems are ideal for part movement, pick and place, walking beam transfer and robot transfer.

Specially designed for customized part transfer

Arnold Machine can integrate a material handling system into virtually any automation process. Our team is prepared to customize a cost-effective conveyor system or pick and place machine for you (see below).

Choosing a material handling system is entirely dependent upon the nature of the part’s manipulation. For example, if you need a simple point A to point B transport, then our team may recommend a conveyor system. However, if part orientation must be maintained or even changed between point A and point B, then a pick and place machine, robot or even a conveyor system with nesting will be suggested.

Conveyor systems

Automated conveyor systems are ideal for general material handling, particularly if a part simply needs to be transported from one point to another.

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Pick and place machines

Arnold Machine’s pick and place machines are ideal for changing or maintaining the orientation of a part with absolute control. Our team integrates different types of pick and place machines in automated equipment they are developing for clients. These could be anything from a simple system with an air cylinder to a complex system with a servo driven slide.

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