Process heating equipment is critical for the production of industrial equipment. Arnold Machine’s process heating equipment is designed with cutting-edge technology and can be customized to apply specific temperatures or focused function. The main two heat sources our team uses are infrared heat lamps and gas-firing.

Safe, efficient and effective heating systems

Arnold Machine’s process heating equipment has been customized within applications such as:

  • Material forming equipment
  • Spray equipment
  • Molding equipment
  • Assembly equipment

Our equipment is designed with safety, efficiency and effectiveness in mind from airflow considerations to complete Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) capture. We work with you throughout the consultation, design and implementation stages for seamless integration and customization.

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Our development process

In order to design specifically for a client’s applications, we carefully consider properties such as air circulation, temperature specifications, VOC capture and part size. It should also be noted that the composition of process heating equipment depends on the associated components and applications, which all help to determine what manner of heating elements, housing structures, fans, blowers and ductworks are required for the design.

As such, our engineers research and analyze all considerations and use the resulting data when developing an ideal process heating solution for your application. One example of our method is when Arnold Machine applied our development process for an automotive company that approached us to engineer a seat trim-relaxing oven. We successfully engineered a process heating solution that heated the leather trim of the automotive seats with infrared heat lamps to remove folds and creases for increased aesthetics.

Arnold Machine guarantees the quality of all our process heating solutions and strives to create equipment that is properly suited for your needs.