What is Machine-as-a-Service?

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Built on BlockChain. Built for Performance.

The AMI Machine-as-a-Service (MaaS) program allows you to have a high quality, high performance machine without using CapEx funding.

  • Pay per Minute
  • Minimal Down
  • No Minimum Contracts

How it Works

After shipping and installation, you only pay per minute of production time, when your machine is up and running. This allows you to use the machine as an operational expense instead of a capital expenditure. Unlike leasing, the MaaS program is no risk. If you’re not making money, we’re not making money. If the program isn’t working out, simply return the machine.

For data-driven insight on how the machine is working, we provide monthly performance reports and proactive replacement part deliveries prompted by machine count. Should an issue occur, you will have access to 24/7 live technical support.

Available Machines

  • AMI Chain on Edge 2 part Adhesive Coating MachineAMI’s Chain on Edge (COE) Adhesive Coating line is an automated 2 part coat adhesive spray line that can be either continuously moving or index and dwell for a programable amount of time. The system allows for preheating the parts prior to receiving the first coat, first coat dry, and final curing prior to offloading. The system is designed to accommodate a wide variety of parts and apply coats to the outside/inside diameter to cylindrical parts, profiled part, and many others. These systems are often seen in the rubber to metal bonding industry for applying the adhesive that adheres the rubber to the metal part.

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  • FMT Rotary Basket WasherThe FMT Rotary Basket Washer is designed to accommodate a wide variety of part sizes and geometries using standard or specially designed baskets and fixtures. Best suited for batch, precision and ultrasonic cleaning, typical rotary basket washers come in 2, 4, 6 and 8 basket capacities. Rotary basket machines can be configured for spray, partial immersion or full immersion; and include ultrasonics as an option.

How We Use BlockChain Technology

By using SteamChain’s Secure Transaction Engine, BlockChain securely documents machine data and automatically executes real-time monetary transactions.


How does the program work?

AMI will build and deliver the machine to your facility. All you pay upfront is the installation and commission fee with training and spare parts being included. Users pay a rate for each minute the machine is active and available.  Based on usage and throughput, we can determine when to supply users with a new/upgraded machine if necessary.

Is it like leasing?

No. Where leasing is transactional and time-based, MaaS is a partnership based on performance. Payment is only made for shipping, installation and the cost-per-minute as the machine is running. Our machine is there for as long as you want it to be.

Who owns the machine?

AMI will hold title to the machine.

Which machines are offered on Machine-as-a-Service terms?

Currently the AMI Automated Chain on Edge Spray System and the FMT Rotary Basket Washer are the only machines available on the program. We are working to offer more machines soon.

How long is the contract term?

For as long as you need the machine. There is no minimum contract length. You can return it at any time.

What are the requirements for MaaS?

AMI will monitor the machine with an internet or cellular connection to monitor machinery performance and usage. The base system with be set-up with an Ethernet connection to be connected through the plant network to the internet.  We can add optional wireless connection or cellular connection to the eWON device.

What IoT platform is being used?

We use SteamChain.io’s Secure Transaction Engine for Automated Machinery.

How secure is the IoT platform?

SteamChain.io leverages a best in class IoT gateway device from HMS systems.  Their eWON technology has been the leading remote monitoring/remote connectivity device in the industry for a number of years.  The implementation encrypts the data being passed between the cloud platform and the machinery to ensure security.

I heard your solution uses blockchain. Do I need to know anything about the technology or cryptocurrency?

Blockchain technology is at the core of SteamChain’s Secure Transaction Engine for Automated Machinery. Because of blockchain’s shared ledger, transactions and records are logged in a secure and transparent method. No party can amend or tamper with the record once it has been logged. Smart contracts on the blockchain are also used to rapidly process transactions automatically when the action is recorded on the ledger. Our program does not currently support cryptocurrency.

What are machine users responsible for?

Users are responsible for routine maintenance on the machine.

What if the machine has a problem?

Preventative maintenance and spare parts are included in the program.  Client is responsible for routine maintenance.  The machinery will be monitored and we will work with your organization to resolve any issues in a timely manner (we aren’t making money when your machine isn’t running either.).  If there is a problem, please contact our technical support team and we will work with your team to solve the issue remotely. If it can’t be fixed, we will send out a service technician.

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