Custom Built Haas Machine Enclosure

Arnold Machine Inc. recently engineered and manufactured a custom built Haas (TM-1 or TM-2) Machine enclosure for internal use, developing a process that can be replicated for our customers.

We began the project by choosing materials that fit the demands of the application. In this case, we found that a combination of steel, aluminum, and UHMW would fit the particular requirements of such an enclosure. After careful review of the engineering and production plans, we began the manufacturing process.

Arnold Machine’s engineering team used a combination of in-house capabilities to develop the custom built Haas machine enclosure, including laser cutting, CNC press brake, CNC milling, welding, and mechanical assembly. After the complex manufacturing process, we applied a material finish with an innovative powder coating.

Additionally, the enclosure is designed to be bolt-on for ease of installation. To ensure ease and efficiency in installation, a detailed installation manual is included with each Haas Machine enclosure sold as well.

The completed Haas Machine enclosure had the following standards:

  •  Height – 8’
  •  Width – 5’
  •   Depth – 4’
  •  Weight – 500lb.
  •  Gauge Size – 12
  •  Bend Angle – 90°
  •  Tightest Tolerances – 0.001″

The project took a total of six weeks from order to delivery. Upon completion of the initial Haas enclosure used by Arnold Machine, enclosures manufactured for customers were transported in custom crates to ensure no damage during shipping. Using this process, we are able to manufacture up to 15 units per year for our clients.

To learn more about this Haas Machine Enclosure project, you can contact a member of our team and ask to learn more about what we can do for you. If you want to learn how we can help you with your next design and manufacturing job, please drop us a line today.

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Custom Built Haas Machine Enclosure Specifications

Capabilities Applied/Processes:
Engineering, laser cutting, CNC press brake, welding, powder coating, CNC milling, and mechanical assembly
Tightest Tolerance:
0.001 in.
Material Thickness:
12ga sheet metal, 1/2″ aluminum
Product Length:
8 ft.
Product Width:
5 ft.
Product Height:
4 ft.
Product Weight:
500 lbs.
Gauge Size:
Bend Angle:
Cutting Method:
Laser, CNC mill
Base Material:
HRP&O Sheet
Material Thickness Applied (plating/powder coating/painting):
Powder coating
Material Used:
Steel and aluminum, UHMW
Haas Factory White
Material Finish:
Powder coat
Custom Crate
Special Feature:
Bolt on installation
Industry for Use:
Delivery Time:
6 weeks
Product Name:
Haas TM-1 or TM-2 Machine Enclosure
Project Scope:
Design & build full enclosure for Haas TM machines