Custom Automation Equipment

Arnold Machine specializes in the manufacturing of innovative turnkey automation solutions. These machines are designed and built to customer specifications, programmed, and installed in working order in the customer’s facility.

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Precision CNC Machining Services

Arnold Machine has an array of CNC Mills and Lathes with the capability and experience of working with many different metals and plastics.

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Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

With the ability to handle several manufacturing processes, such as bending, laser cutting, and shearing, Arnold Machine, Inc. is equipped to perform custom sheet metal fabrication services for a variety of needs.

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Engineering Services

Using SolidEdge software, we offer advanced 3D CAD design services, and we can perform a variety of quality control examinations, such as FEA (finite element analysis) to ensure your product can be efficiently manufactured at the highest level of quality to match your specifications.

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Automated Spray Equipment

Arnold Machine has extensive experience in automating adhesive spray systems for a variety of industries and applications. We have designed and build Chain-On-Edge, ID Tube Spray, Tumble Spray, and Robotic Spray systems and have developed a Bulk Mixing Station to take the variation of viscosity and product mix out of the question.

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Powder Coating Services

Arnold Machine offers a powder coat finish for our products and miscellaneous customer parts. We utilize an automated line with a 3 stage wash and dry for production runs and a 12’ tall by 12’ wide by 15’ deep cure oven for larger machine frames and other items like car frames and components.

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Safety Fencing Systems

Arnold Machine, Inc. is an integrator of the Quick-Guard fencing system, which is an easy-to-install fencing system designed with both manufacturing floor safety and production in mind.

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Manufacturing Assembly Services

We are a provider of advanced assembly services, capable of clean room, mechanical, electrical, turnkey, and wiring assembly. Targeting many manufacturing and production industries, our assembly services can be customized to match the exact needs of the customer, and are able to handle small, large, long-term and specialty volume orders equally as well.

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