Automated Spray Equipment for Paints and Adhesives

Arnold Machine Inc. specializes in developing a range of solutions for complex processes – including automation of spray paint machines and adhesive systems. Our spray paint machine equipment has been developed to specifically address issues that arise in existing processes, including:

Each type of spray equipment created by Arnold Machine works to streamline the speed and efficiency of spray applications in a variety of industries. From the rotate and spray concept of the Index Spray system for inner and outer metals of bushings to the Tumble Spray Adhesive automation system that ensures 100% coverage of components and replacement of dip lines, our equipment is an efficient solution for many previously inefficient or manual systems.

Benefits of AMI Automated Spray Equipment

Arnold Machine’s automated adhesive and paint spray equipment utilizes a 100% air capture system for a clean, chemical free environment around both the machines and operators. This reduces the risk of fire in operating these systems and creates a virtually explosion proof environment. Additionally, because all of our spray application systems can be fully automated for heat control, rotation speed, spray time, fan and atomization pressure, and gun positions, they are a highly efficient solution. In one case, the integration of these fully automated systems resulted in a reported $300,000 annual savings by one large automotive component manufacturer that had previously used a COE system before contacting Arnold Machine.

To learn more about each of our spray adhesive and paint application equipment systems and their benefits, click the links below or the RFQ button to request a quote and have a member of our team contact you to discuss your options.

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