Automatic Viscosity Bulk Mixing Station

Designing and building the best equipment for spray applications requires a deep understanding of the end user process and an open ear to our customer base. Through our many years of designing and building spray application systems, we have developed a line of products that maximize productivity and simplify process operations. This capacity for insight and innovation is exhibited in every system we build, an example of which may be found in our Bulk Mixing Stations.

Arnold Bulk Mixing Stations are designed for flexibility, with features and options that allow them to be customized to fit virtually any spray application line. They may be configured in a number of ways and with various tank sizes for mixing and materials. However, regardless of setup, each system is designed to maximize viscosity consistency and streamline the operation.

Maintaining consistent viscosity is the holy grail of spray applications; whether mixing a primer and adhesive or cutting with solvent, monitoring is key.

That’s why we use a piston style drop viscometer for viscosity monitoring; this advanced, highly accurate measuring method is ideal for custom applications as it can easily be scaled for any size requirement. This allows us to size the monitoring system according to the desired viscosity and provide the same accurate results. This level of control virtually eliminates human error and the possibility for solvent shock.

Another major factor that governs consistency is agitation; we utilize a special custom fabricated agitation system that is designed to run continuously–this means no settling of solids. All of this is enhanced by the reliability of pneumatic operation utilizing shop air, which also allows for easy integration into existing systems.

Any system that mixes potentially hazardous or flammable liquids must be designed for safety. As with all of our spray systems, we can easily include the parts and components to comply fully with Class 1/Div 1 requirements. This includes intrinsically safe electrical systems and a closed cabinet with an exhaust fan and spill shelf. Construction includes the combination of off-the-shelf parts and thoughtful design, which are the hallmark of our products. This means low cost, easy maintenance, and a long predictable service life.



  • Fully customizable
  • Intrinsically safe electrical system (Class 1/Div 1)
  • Precision viscosity monitoring
  • Pneumatic operation
  • Constant agitation of media means no settling of solids


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