ID Tube Spray System

At Arnold Machine Inc., our success as a fabricator of world class industrial equipment is built on delivering innovative manufacturing solutions that drive out cost and drive up quality. The Arnold ID Tube Spray Systems is an example of the type of out-of-the-box thinking that our customers have come to expect.

ID coating is widely used throughout many industries; until now, the standard method for ID pipe coating has been “Flow Coating”. As the name implies, the coating media is poured into the pipe, which is elevated and rotated to cover the surface area. While effective, it is inherently inefficient, with coating thickness consistency being hit or miss at best.

The Arnold ID Tube Spray System offers a cost effective alternative to flow coating as well as a number of advantages that not only create a more effective process, but also deliver flexibility, ease of operation, and faster ROI.

If your operation is flow coating adhesive base coats, such as LORD products for rubber to metal bonding applications, or as a pre-coat for other processes, then you know the cost of materials. At $50 to $100 per gallon, there is no room for an inefficient application process.

The Arnold ID Spray Systems resolve the uneven thickness issue by using a directed air flow through a pneumatic spray head. This method of application is so precise that it can deliver coatings of ±1 mil! It also means a savings of 40% or more on materials.

However, consistency is only one piece of the advantage; this system is designed for real world applications and can accommodate tube and pipe starting at just under 2″ in diameter, and up to 30′ in length. In addition, the system also controls part temperature; this means consistent, fast curing. Compared to flow coating, which can take up to 16 hours to fully cure a two coat application, our system does it in just 2 hours. Also, because this is a fully automated, hands-free system, it can deliver a finished part every 15 to 20 minutes.

System operation is quite simple; the pipe moves to a roller table, then the lance and spray head is inserted into the pipe; as the pipe rotates, the coating is applied. The rotation of the pipe is controlled by a VFD, and this means unlimited process control. In addition, this system is also designed with a true 100% VOC air capture system.
To keep costs down, this system utilizes off-the-shelf parts wherever possible; from the spray head to the VFD, we utilize the tried and true to increase dependability and simplify maintenance. And when combined with an Arnold Bulk Mixing Station, efficiency and dependability become unbeatable.

Since this is a custom designed system that can be built to meet your specific application, you’ll also get the advantage of the Arnold engineering and fabrication team. Whether you need a standalone system or require integration into an existing line, the Arnold ID Sprayer uses standard 480V and only 80 psi of shop air. They are also built to comply with Class 1/Div 1 requirements and include intrinsically safe electrical components whenever necessary.

Because we specialize in industrial equipment, we understand that sooner or later, every machine will need maintenance or need to be moved to accommodate process change. Each Arnold ID Spray System is mobile; it’s designed with easy access for maintenance and comes with full documentation, including a comprehensive parts list. To learn more about the value of Arnold systems and engineering,contact us directly.


  • Pipe & Tube from <2″ in diameter to 30′ in length
  • Precision coating thickness of ±1 mil
  • Uses over 40% less coating than standard Flow Coating
  • Fully automated with 15 to 20 minute cycle times
  • Temperature controlled for 2 hours dry time compared to 16 hours for Flow Coating
  • Fully customizable for easy integration into existing lines
  • Includes a true 100% VOC air capture system
  • Uses off the shelf parts for easy maintenance
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