Rotary & Chain on Edge Index Spray Machines

Arnold Machine offers a variety of index spray machines that offer outstanding coverage in an automated system. Both Rotary and Chain-on-Edge Index Spray Machines feature versatile coating systems for precision application of paints and adhesives.

For parts that require masking and ID/OD coverage, the rotary index spray machine is the ideal choice. This is an adaptable system that features 60 spindles mounted on a dial-plate that can be programmed for individual indexing at various velocities. The program allows the coating to be applied to different regions of the same part with different levels or material flow rates.

Rotary index spray machines feature state-of-the-art HMI, operator load/unload area, pre-heating enclosure, primer application booth, vision system, top-coat application spray booth, and curing oven. The process starts and ends in the same location. Primer and top-coat booths are fully isolated to prevent cross contamination.

In each booth, four separate servo controlled spray guns are programmed to coat the component. Two guns coat the ID and two coat the OD. The program controls the guns, the indexed spindle rotation, spray pressure and duration for each maneuver and location.  All machines can be custom designed to meet a wide variety of spindle or part sizes.

Chain on Edge adhesive spray machines are similar in style to traditional Chain on Edge machines but have additional design improvements to provide more precise coating application and reduced overspray. In this system parts move through in continuous motion with reduced cycle times being an advantage. Parts with simple profiles are best accommodated using a Chain on Edge system.

Consisting of load/unload area, pre-heat oven, primer station, primer dry station, top coat station, and dryer oven, the machine features fixture spindle centerlines that can be fixed on 6”, 8”, or 12” centers and have universal drive end that allows quick change part fixturing. Part rotation speed in the spray stations is controlled by VFD and spindles are set for the complexity and/or stack height of the part. Automated vertical and rotational gun movement can be included.

The rotary and chain on edge index spray machines from AMI are constructed for precision spray applications of coatings and adhesives. These automated systems provide 100% coverage of components in a safe and efficient process. Air capture systems prevent harmful chemicals from entering the environment and the risk of fire or explosion is greatly reduced. Through automation, components are finished effectively in both quality and cost.

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