Tumble Spray Adhesive Automation Line

The Arnold Machine Tumble Spray Adhesive Automation Line is designed to address key deficiencies of conventional dip line processes. Currently dip lines are used when requiring a thin film of material or adhesion on a part or form. The targeted parts are hung from wires or clips and are dipped in a bath filled with the coating material. When they are removed, the coating material remaining on the part is force dried to cure. The thickness of the coating is dependent upon the immersion time, the dwell time, and the withdrawal times. There is little waste in a dip line as all of the material that does not remain on the part drips back into the bath and is usable on future parts. However, the dip line has it’s drawbacks:

  • Variations in film thickness from top to bottom (wedge effect)
  • Thick edges created by excess drainage (Fatty edge)
  • Reflux of solvent vapors attack lower edges of coating
  • Thinning of materials at any sharp points
  • Relatively slow process – where production is concerned
  • Difficult to acquire 100% material coverage

Arnold Machine developed their fully automatic tumble spray adhesive application systems as a way to address these issues in the workplace. This system does not attach the parts to wires or hangers, allowing for a complete 100% coverage of the coating. The parts are sprayed on a tumble cart within the machine. In this process, the parts are tumbled upon a wire mesh belt. By tumbling freely on a wire mesh belt, each region of the part is contacted by the coating spray. By controlling the duration that the parts remain in the active spraying chamber, a precision thickness covering the entire part can be applied. With the tumble spray system, the parts are processed by weight in batches, so production rates can be very high. Also, without hanging or fixturing individual parts, there are no tooling changeovers and minimal set-up requirements.

Environmental and safety hazards are very serious concerns when working with spray coatings and adhesives. Sprays use various volatile solvent based adhesive products, and each of these can present a variety of health and fire/explosion risks. The tumble spraying system also has a 100% air capture system. During operation, every enclosure is sealed with interlocked doors – preventing fumes or solvents form one chamber to reach other chambers during operation. This system provides a clean and chemical free environment around the system. This reduces the risk of the operator contacting or inhaling, any hazardous chemicals being dispersed by the sprayers. By capturing these fumes, the system provides a virtually explosion proof environment. Every part of the system is also designed to be easily accessible. The tumble cart can be removed through an interlocked door. It can be quickly cleaned of any contaminants and the main spray filter, located within can be changed during operation. Every part of the tumble spray system is built to reduce the risks of cross contamination or danger by fire or explosions.

The tumble spray system is fully automated and has been streamlined for the speed and efficiency required in a production environment. The operator has complete control over heat, rotation speed, spray time, fan velocity, and atomization pressures during every operation. When assembling a system, we work directly with the customer to design an efficient and elegant system that meets their needs. We always supply a complete set of assembly drawings, schematics, and bill of materials with each shipment. At Arnold Machine, it is important that our customers feel comfortable with their purchased system and that they can trust us as present and future supplier.


Download the Product Guide on Tumble Spray Systems Download  <http://cnc.arnoldmachine.com/tumble-spray-adhesive-system-overview>