Safety Fencing Systems

Arnold Machine, Inc. is a proud integrated seller of the Quick-Guard fencing system, which is an easy-to-install fencing system designed with both manufacturing floor safety and production in mind.

With the advanced integrated seller model, a distributor sells the fencing systems to users, which Arnold Machine then fabricates and ships for installation. The end user then deploys the fencing system on-site to increase the safety of their manufacturing processes.

Quick-Guard Fencing Systems

Fencing systems on a factory floor can greatly increase the safety of the working environment. Preventing access to dangerous areas during equipment operation is key to reducing workplace accidents that can result in injury or death, and Quick-Guard fencing systems are a proven method of minimizing risks.

Quick-Guard is not only designed to ensure that employees on the manufacturing floor avoid dangerous machining spaces, but it also serves to prevent machine parts or materials that could be thrown during malfunction.

The system has been tested extensively in this regard, and is able to withstand the force of a large industrial robot moving at over one meter per second with minor deformation as a result. Wire mesh, or noise-reducing panels, can also be installed in the system, ensuring that it meets all of your safety requirements.

Brackets can be pre-mounted to allow for installation of lockout mechanisms, emergency stop buttons, and any other equipment that your production facility may need. Because the fencing system is created from your specific requirements, all necessary mounts, brackets, or holes are already included in the complete fencing system.

Easy Design & Installation

The Quick-Guard product can be designed by the end user on site, or designed and cut according to user submitted drawings via ABB/Jokab’s SafeCAD AutoCAD system. Thanks to its arrival in a nearly complete, easy-to-install form, there is no need for extensive setup.

All of the benefits of these fencing products will help minimize the downtime typically associated with installation. The Quick-Guard screw lock system makes our fencing a snap to install, and our standard parts allow for easy modification.

The processes of enlarging fence openings and adding new panels are both simplified, as well. All of this can be accomplished with minimal labor costs to your business while allowing for much shorter installation times.

Additionally, an expansion of your fencing area can be accommodated by our new fencing system. Changes in configuration can be easily and quickly integrated by moving the existing panels and adding new ones, or removing unnecessary ones.

The Quick-Guard fencing system can offer a great deal of benefits to your manufacturing business. Standard parts, quick installation, and easy modification of completed panels make our system a cost-efficient method of increasing your workplace safety.

Lastly, with design lead times of 3-5 days and target delivery of 5-7 days, we are able to quickly outfit your group with the fencing system to meet you exact needs.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you further ensure worker safety in your machine space.

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