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The Use of Robotics in Real World Automation Systems

The robot has come a long way since the days of performing spot welds on the automotive assembly line. Its early success led manufacturers to wonder how robotics automation could improve other product lines. Today, we find robots performing a variety of tasks including picking, packaging and assembly, creating benefits for everyone including workers. Certainly, companies incorporating robotics into a manufacturing process benefit on many levels that all lead to savings and a healthier bottom… Read more

The “Green” Factor, Safety, and Compliance with Automated Spray Systems

Compliance codes and safety affect all automated spray systems. Solvents are generally one of the most easily overlooked hazards in manufacturing and production. These chemicals—such as Benzene and Xylene, Toluene and Methyl Ethyl Ketone —are dissolved and mixed with oils, varnishes, resins, and inks. They are used for a wide range of applications, particularly when removing paint or adding varnish, lacquers, or any other finish. Potentially Harmful Chemicals For human beings, solvents can be especially… Read more

Maximizing ROI with an Automation Professional

When choosing a solution to manufacture a product, one must analyze the Return on Investment (ROI) of the equipment purchases and system resources. One critical way in which manufacturing is modernizing is through the adoption of automation technologies. Automation reduces labor costs, by freeing up repetitive manual functions with an automated controller, and improves process stability, increasing machine uptime and reducing the risks of a flawed product. These qualities, as well as the flexibility that… Read more

6 Exciting Advances in Manufacturing Automation

Automation in technology is one of the central, crucial elements of almost all manufacturing processes. Automation is arguably the impetus behind manufacturing, dating back to the Industrial Revolution. In the centuries since, as technology has advanced and new inventions have gained prominence, these processes have only gotten more sophisticated. Here are six recent advances in automation that are making big waves in the manufacturing industry. 1. Cloud storage for wireless data One of the greatest… Read more

Realizing Potential Savings with Spray Automation Equipment

As a plant manager or engineer, cost is almost always near the top—if not on top—of your list of considerations. Whether preserving it or achieving it, cost efficiency is one of the highest priorities for a business. Cost savings can be achieved in some of the least expected processes and sources across the business, sometimes by making only a few tweaks. Spray systems are one such relatively unexpected source of cost savings. Spray systems have… Read more

How Concurrent Engineering Saves Cost in Manufacturing

When designing new components or products, cost is always a driving factor. To save manufacturing costs, concurrent engineering, wherein the design and manufacturing team works together during the development phase, can be used. Rather than making the design and subsequent manufacturing processes discrete operations, in concurrent engineering, parts are designed with manufacturing in mind. If a set process is planned for production of a part, the part can be optimized based on those parameters. If… Read more

Manufacturing Cost Reductions: 6 Actions to Avoid

For the procurement, sourcing, and purchasing specialists, cost reduction is a way of life. While there are several reliable ways to reduce overall costs, there are just as many decisions that may initially seem promising, but ultimately lead to an increase in cost. To prevent production delays and unexpected costs, the following recommendations are seven things not to do when reducing costs. #1 – Don’t Choose the Lowest Quote First, do not automatically choose the… Read more

Arnold Machine’s Library of Content Resources

We’ve created a one-stop index for our online content such as eBooks and so forth. These documents should help you better understand the capabilities that we can bring to bear on your next project. Here’s what you’ll find there: Discover Key Tips to Estimating & Cutting Costs without Impacting Quality: As competition continues to grow, shorter product lifespans accentuate the need and importance of the design and development stages of manufacturing.  Because of this all… Read more

The Benefits of Working with a Contract Manufacturer

Are you still doing manufacturing the old way? You know; your company develops a product, engineers the components, sends the specs to your manufacturing plants, then to the finishing and assembly facilities, and finally to the distribution center for delivery to your customers. This model has worked for years, and in many situations this model is still preferred. However, there is another model many companies currently use and it may be perfect for your application—contract… Read more

3 Key Reasons to Consider Spray Equipment Automation

Automation has long been the solution to insulating industrial service providers against ever-rising labor costs and increasing the precision and consistency of operations. In spraying processes such as wet paint and adhesive application, adding automation can improve uniformity, reduce material waste, and provide significant labor savings compared to manual spraying. By reigning in the variables of the spraying process, namely viscosity, temperature, air pressure, and equipment set-up, finishers can refine their processes to optimize efficiency… Read more