Arnold Machine specializes in robotic and automated spray systems that precisely apply adhesives and coatings to parts. We are at the forefront of spray system development and continue to provide premium service to clients.

Specializing in custom spray systems

Our engineers can customize spray systems to your exact specifications and provide advice on cost-effective options. In fact, our precise systems can reduce material waste and cycle times.

Arnold Machine offers spray systems that are classified into three groups as well as complementary equipment. We offer:

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Automated spray systems

Automation can streamline spray applications. In fact, all our spray systems can be automated for temperature control, rotation speed, spray time, fan and atomization pressure as well as gun positioning.

Automated spray systems are a modern alternative to manual sprayers, which decrease process control due to overspray and longer cycle times. You can read more about the differences between automatic and manual spray processes in our dedicated guide.

Robotic spray systems

Arnold Machine’s robotic spray systems take automation a step further by utilizing robots to manipulate spray guns to perform specific spray patterns. They can be customized with various automation and fixture levels and work with water or solvent-based materials.

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Three customizable options for your manufacturing line

Index spray machines and chain-on-edge spray machines

Our index and chain-on-edge spray machines are used for round parts that require inside or outside diameter coating. Typically, the parts are sprayed while they’re rotated, which lets a spray gun remain stationary while it covers the target diameter.

Index spray machines have less part fixtures and spindles, which means the cycle times are longer, which gives the parts adequate time in the ovens. However, parts generally spend less time in preheat and post heat booths.

Chain-on-edge machines are similar to the indexing spray machines but allow for a much shorter cycle time. Since the system allows more spindles, parts can move in a continuous or indexing motion with reduced cycle times. The fixtures loop through the preheat and post heat booths, allowing the parts to spend more time in each while keeping the cycle time down.

ID tube spray machines

ID tube spray machines are similar to index spray machines but are specifically for long tubes up to 40 feet. These systems are ideal for complete ID coverage and do not require flow coating. Furthermore, our ID tube spray systems reduce material costs while shortening cycle times with a temperature-controlled drying process.

Tumble spray adhesive automation lines

Our tumble spray adhesive automation lines address deficiencies in dip line processes. They are used for oddly-shaped parts that require 100% exterior coverage. Unlike index spray machines, which can leave witness marks, tumble spray adhesive automation lines can achieve 100% coverage.

Automatic viscosity bulk mixing stations

Arnold Machine’s automatic viscosity bulk mixing stations are complimentary and can be integrated into any of our spray systems. Each is tailored to maximize viscosity consistency while streamlining your operation. The stations help provide complete process control.

Process control

Process control is automatically integrated into every system. It can monitor an adhesive’s viscosity, control substrate temperatures, adjust air and fluid pressures and provide repeatable spray gun set-ups. Our systems also recirculate material to reduce downtime and prevent chemicals from blocking the lines or guns.


Safety is paramount in all our equipment. Arnold Machine’s robotic and automated spray systems utilize our 100% air capture system. Our safety parameters reduce the risk of fires during operation and create a virtually explosion-proof environment.